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YES the Cool Fest is back by popular demand

Friday Dec 12

Les Momies de Palerme
Karl Lemieux Films
Black Mammoth
Disguises (Toronto)
Monday Morning Erection with L'Oeil de Verre
Clues (ex-Unicorns)
Exhaust (Constellation)

Saturday Dec 13

Grand Trine
Oxen Tauk
Leopard et Moi
Axolotl (New York City; Important Records)
Sun Circle (Burlington; Important Records)
Bird Show (Chicago; Kranky)
Jenny Graf Sheppard (Baltimore; Ehse Records)
Mouthus (New York City; Important Records/Ecstatic Peace!/TroublemanUnlimited/Load)
MV Carbon (New York City; Shinkoyo Records)
Wax Attic

Sunday Dec 14

Molly Sweeny
Panopticon Eyelids (ex-Fly Pan Am)
Black Feelings
Holy Cobras (Ottawa)
Zaimph & Mattin (New York City; Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ)
Ascension (Baltimore)
Yomul Yuk
Tornstarrtsaabanhdt (Orlando)
Metalux (5RC, Hanson, Veglia, Load)

The COOL FEST 2008 is an opportunity for enthusiasts of all kinds of music
to get a taste of the riches of the Montreal and North American music
scene they might not normally see. About 35 groups have united to
anticipate Winter Solstice, celebrating the darkest days of the year
with creativity in music and fun.

This event will be held at Montreal's most exciting new independent
venue, La Brique. Run by local musicians, the Ample collective, La Brique is an industrial loft whose tenants acquired the sound system from a local bar and have hosted musicians from around the world ever since in their vigorous concert schedule. For this show, La Brique is an all-ages, non-smoking family-compatible environment; they will be offering delicious vegetarian dishes and non-alcoholic beverages at affordable prices. Doors open at 5 PM each night. BYOB.

The event will also offer a large variety of work from the scene's rich
collection of micro record labels. CDs, cassettes, pro-press and home-cut
LPs carrying the work of fine musicians and other artworks, designed, decorated, packaged and promoted by these intrepid do-it-yourselfers will be on display and for sale.

Cool Fest is Dec 12-13-14 at La Brique, 6545 Durocher #402. Tickets are $10 per night, and $15 weekend passes are available for advance purchase, at local record stores and online through paypal at starting Saturday. Cool Fest is a benefit event for the Fluorescent Friends Musical Community Outreach Initiative, a program to bring music to disadvantaged youth.

more info attached.
additional resources available at
Contact: Fred Savard at 514-995-4561 or email

Fluorescent Friends have been hosting concerts in Montreal for six
years. Before 2007's Cool Fest, their last major event, brought together the best in new Canadian and American underground music in a two day outdoor concert of music and performance arts, Earthunder. It featured Brooklyn jazz greats Mouthus, Rhode
Island drum and bass rock masters Lightning Bolt, New York's USAISAMONSTER, Mindflayer and Baltimore avant-gardists Nautical Almanac, as well as a healthy collection of local stars. Cool Fest promises to be even more intense.

In conjunction with the second installment of Cool Fest, Fluorescent Friends products division will be releasing Cool Fest 7, a CD compilation of performances from the 2007 fest. 24 tracks, 79 minutes, the recording is jam-packed with goodness and clocks in at a recession-proof FIVE BUCKS per copy if you buy one at this year's show.

Learn more about the out-of towners joining us this year below:

Mouthus: The best jazz band on earth today, with the best drummer in New York City. All other jazz bands are "historic" or "museum" jazz... Mouthus bring a jazz made with acoustic and electronic drums, piezo shakers et al., and a buzz-saw earthquake lawn mower engine guitar that's as melodic as it is warmly metallic and gasoline-powered.... a fuzz suppository eminates from Mouthus' double-tube live rig. They have been playing for 6 years and have a new record coming out on Ecstatic Peace!, their second on that label. Other labels touting the band are Troubleman Unlimited, Load Records, Important Records... this band has them all COVERED

Metalux: Grand witches of the electronic age, these two performers have a long history flying their brooms on the frontiers of experimental music, and their earth shattering debut Fluorescent Towers on Hanson records (the imprint of the second member of Wolf Eyes Aaron Dilloway) crushed all previous records with sublime musical genius deftly. Each is doing edgy-as-hell solo work and together they are highly conductive. Albums out on Hanson, Load, Troubleman Unlimited, and 5RC (subsidiary of Kill Rock Stars). Virtuosic tabletop electronics and laying out some of the best effected vocal and straight guitar work out here today is what Metalux are known for. Catch them each solo on Saturday, and then joined on Sunday.

Disguises: A chaotic mess of dudeness with drums, feedback loops, delectable abstract bass playing, and a lead singer who plays all manner of sampler, guitar, synths, and looks like Ozzy Osbourne; the crisis always resolves into a really good buzz, as you might expect. From Toronto.

Zaimph & Mattin: Zaimph is Marcia Basset, member of GHQ, Hototogisu, Double Leopards, all-around classic sandy satin barefoot zen musical master out of New York City. She'll be doing a collaborative piece with feedback artist Mattin.

Holy Cobras: Amazing punk band from Ottawa, a cross between the Ramones and the Velvet Underground, don't miss it!


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