Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st review of the EP - Montreal Mirror

Raf gets riffed. This is the first review of the new record. Maybe some other ones will start popping up before it sells out.


Grand Trine
Sunglasses EP (Divorce)

Full disclosure: Grand Trine features the Mirror’s own pipe-smokin’ Raf Katigbak, but truth be told, most of us just find the guy kinda, uh, creepy. That’s why it’s shocking that his band kicks so much booty. Five punk-fuggin’-rock ragers burned into God-lovin’ vinyl, with odd soul/skronk sax that blasts out of nowhere. The Stooges dirge of “Catatonic State” perfectly offsets the electronic psych treatment on “Love and Napalm,” while “Prescription Drugs” just straight-up blazes with punk rock supremacy. 8.5/10 Trial Track: “Prescription Drugs” (Johnson Cummins)

Monday, March 22, 2010

List of international record stores carrying the new EP.

Scratch Records (Canada) -
Revolver USA (USA) -
Escalator Records (Japan) -

格好良すぎるカナダはモントリオールの3人組GRAND TRINEのデビュー12"入荷。SUICIDEとSTOOGESの暴力性を正しく受け継いだサイケデリックとノイズにSPACEMEN3のようなこのトリップはCROCODILES ~ WOVEN BONESを脅かす鳴り。よく見るとレコーディングはワカっている男MIRACLE FORTRESSことGRAHAM VAN PELT (THINK ABOUT LIFE)。限定600枚。

Norman Records (UK) -
Academy Annex (USA - Brooklyn, NY) -
Floridas Dying (USA - Florida) -
Eclipse (USA - California) -
Experimedia (USA - Ohio) -
Cheap Thrills (Canada - Montreal) -
Birdman Sound (Canada - Ottawa) -
Taz Records (Canada - Halifax) -
Lost & Found (Canada - Halifax) -

Divorce has less than 199 copies of the record left!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Radio interview will all three members of Grand Trine

Here is an interview with Grand Trine that aired this morning (also an interview with Fucked Up). The show is in French and the interviews are in English. There is also a song from the new 12" that is not on the internet anywhere else. Grand Trine starts @ 1hr in if you want to skip ahead.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

12"es are 1/2 gone! Official release is Friday. Montreal release show in April!

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered our new Sunglasses 12" EP. Between all the people, record stores, distros who picked it up we have only 275 copies remaining from the original press of 600. This is great because the official release isn't even til Friday. We are always working on a special release show in MTL for April 16th which we have a few reserved copies saved for.

We actually just got our personal copies a few minutes ago, and most people who pre-ordered should be getting them soon.

We had another bloody one last week and released our split single 7" with Black Feelings. Not exactly sure how it can be purchased online yet or if it is in any stores. We'll have a few kicking around.

In other news, we are going on tour! is doing a traveling WYRD fest (pronounced Weird fest) so we are headed out to Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge at the start of May. We will play some shows a long the way. Super excited because Cosmetics are playing all the shows. If you haven't picked up their new 7inch on Captured Tracks. Do it. We have been talking about touring with them before either of our bands had ever played a single gig so this is really cool.

We have some videos and things that will pop up in the next few weeks. And also a new bandcamp page. Hopefully band camp de-thrones myspace. It is the same thing but without ads. The Peelies convinced us of it's worth. They are usually a step ahead. That's why we have a blogspot and they have a tumblr. This is possibly the lamest thing I have ever typed.

Uh, what else... we are remixing a Homosexual Cops song and it sounds exactly like New Order. Probably our finest work. I have had nothing to do with it so far. But I like the results.