Monday, March 30, 2009

Back from our roadtrip.

We're back from our wild weekend w. Ultra Thin in Toronto. Friends, indoor fireworks, confetti, vomit, consciousness expansion, guitar pedals on vocals, tim hortins, conservative American AM radio, family tree, magick, cheeze & I lost my hat! I'm still trying to recover.


Sunday, March 22, 2009



Sunday, March 15, 2009

TVC 15

I haven't posted since the show last week with Aids Wolf and U.S Girls. It was a fun show although all of our gear was destroyed either before our after our set. Before our set a reverb head + amp channel+ bass guitar mysteriously broke, and then loading out a bass head was dropped and cracked. My shirt was torn a bit too. So now we are in the process of putting everything back together. We are going to put a new plug with grounding on the reverb head and we took apart my bass and replaced the input jack.

We have been working to upgrade our home recording studio for our next few releases. We are going to make a jump from recording on cassettes to recording on reels. So that's exciting and besides playing in Toronto at the end of the month with Ultra Thin we are basically taking this month to figure that out.

We are also going to work on a new set of largely new material to debut in Montreal so we might take a month off from playing live. We just confirmed that we are going to be opening for NO MEANS NO at Salla Rossa on June 25th for the Suoni il Popolo festival. Last year's festival began the day I moved here and I got to see Sun City Girls, Excepter and many other great shows. It is an excellent festival. This year Magik Markers, Jay Reatard, Mika Miko, Michael Gira (of SWANS!), Six Organs of Admittance and Chris Corsano! This plus warm weather will make June in Montreal the best month of the year. As for playing with No Means No, in high school I was in a band in Halifax when they came to town. I pretty much emailed the promoter of the show every day to try to get added to the bill (I was so annoying ha ha). I wasn't even old enough to go see them and I ended up having to sneak in. So anyway, being asked to open for them 5 years later is really cool. Keep your dreams!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


188 people confirmed on Facebook. This will be our last show in Montreal til late May before we leave on our mini-tour. We are going to take April to do recordings for some of the upcoming releases we have planned and also just work on new material.

Shub and I just watched this video:

The 'Free All Psychic Centers' special edition CDRs won't be ready for Friday but we will have them for our show in Toronto at the end of the month. I will probably post a preview of the artwork when Nicholas sends them our way. We love his artwork and are really happy to get to release something on his new label.

Oh it's confirmed we are playing with Nicholas' band Cosmetics & also Tyvek (Detroit) at the Obey Convention Vol. III in Halifax this year. Tyvek are exceptional live and on record. Definitely one of the best sets of last years Pop Montreal festival. Check them out for yourself!