Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VICE Grand Trine en francais


Okay we did an interivew with Vice Quebec a few weeks ago and they just posted it online. It's translated from English to French so it's hard to gauge if we sound like assholes or not.

We are headed to Toronto in the next few days (I'm going up early to use my pass and catch Black Lips/Tyvek/party) we are playing Friday night @ The Silver Dollar w/ These Are Powers (one of the dudes who used to be in Liars band from Brooklyn). It's a pop montreal showcase thing. Come see my new un-rock and roll haircut.

We're getting evicted from our dream home/jamspace/studio at the end of the month! It was a good run and we'll miss this place. We couldn't find a suitable alternative HQ so are all going our separate ways and will just rent a room like a normal band. No more mc5/White Panther Party style commune fantasy lives. Thus marks the end of Grand Trine phase #1. It was a good solid first year of being a 24hr band. Our psychic link should remain intact even if we can't be roommates anymore.

Other news is that we are working on two new vinyl releases that will come out next. The first is part of the "World is Lousy With Ideas" series (Vol 8.5) which will be a split with Pink Noise and Celine on the Brooklyn label Almost Ready Records. Followed directly but a 12" e.p on one of the best Canadian labels going DIVORCE RECORDS.

After the NO MEANS NO show at the end of the month the next show in Montreal will be July 25th w/ Lovvers (United Kingdom) and Dead Wife (who I just saw destroy it opening for Mika Miko at Sala).

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