Thursday, July 2, 2009

We moved!

All right it was a good run but the Grand Trine hideout/HQ/Jamspace/Studio living quarters affectionately known as Zee Cosmic Grotto is no more. We have moved all of our band's stuff to the Friendship Cove loft where we will be in good company. Now when we play a show there we can just wheel our gear from one room to another and then not worry about dragging it back to the Mile End. Brett Wagg of the upstart weed-core band Ultra Thin and also Campaign For Infinity will be sleeping with our gear in the jamspace full time.

Now we are going to get down to brass tacks and record a 7" and 12".

Becky from Dead Wife punched some touchy creepazoid in the face when they opened for Jay Reatard last week and spilled a lot of the dudes blood on her new Grand Trine tee. Super cool.

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