Friday, August 7, 2009

Review of 1st tape re-issue

Ottawa Express July 30th/09:
4 1/2 *'s out of 5.

Montreal quartet* Grand Trine have quickly risen to the top of the new cream jar of local now-out-there bands, as much for their nutso live show as for their blasts of freedom rock...*?

Okay so we just found out we are playing an awesome Pop Montreal festival show at Casa(which will be re-opened!) which I can't announce yet. I am excited also because we'll get artist passes and then I can go see Diamanda Galas, Butthole Surfers, Thee Oh Sees, Chain + The Gang, Faust, Teenage Jesus + The Jerks, Os Mutantaes, The Intellegence for free! Seriously the lineup for this year's festival is insane. Beyond amazing. And also we are headed back to Halifax (this time with Dead Wife) for Divorce Records showcase at the Halifax Pop Explosion festival. We are going to hit Quebec City again and maybe one other place (not Fredericton). And Toronto for a Wavelength Series show a few weeks before that. We'll have our first slab of vinyl ready for those shows.

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