Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here is a blingee of Shub during a pool break in Toronto last month made by Lisa Czech.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Casa last night! We sold the place out completely! Magic Cheezies + Panopticon Eyelids + Leopard Et Moi were all excellent. Totally awesome night all around. Happy Birthday to Mike Farsky + Becky too. Loading gear Shub and I took turns between the back of Raf's motorcycle and Jessie Hicks' Jeep that was blasting Sisters of Mercy. Both are solid rides and we would sometimes meet up at intersections and own the road.

We recorded our 12" for Divorce a few days ago at The Pines with Graham Van Pelt & David Bryant. The rough mixes sound great. They have a really nice space. Plate reverb. Tape Machine. Etc..

Ottawa next (19th) then Toronto (20th).

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