Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flicks from the most recent trip.

1st here is a great video of Dead Wife from the secret show we played together in the Murder House basement. They were in rare form both nights.

Here are videos of all 4 songs that will be on our upcoming 12" e.p.:
It stops filming at the "fake ending" which is funny. But this is one of our newer songs.

..ripping down the HPX sponsorship banner during the middle of song.
A quick one of Walter from Dead Wife hitting the lights out which remained that way for the rest of the set.
And just a couple of seconds of this one too. These last two and the Dead Wife vid were shot by Matt Elliot. The rest were from Derrick Hiltz of ECT.

Weekend Recap:
Dead Wife are the best. We love touring with them. When we got to Halifax the club owner wouldn't except Shub's 2 valid I.Ds so he took him out back to check his Facebook account before letting him stay to play the gig. I broke Raf's bass which I was borrowing during the very 1st song. The pick guard shattered. Which hopefully isn't too expensive to replace. Then during the last song we played our borrowed bass amp exploded (sorry Derrick!) and the guitar amp blew ( it works again!).

Day 2= Hangovers. A house party with w/ Dead Wife, Meat Curtains, ECT, Fuck Montreal (again this is the band's name - they hate our homeland). During the set we were silly stringed, the lights broke, I got hit so hard in the face with the mic that my eye turned red and blue and started pussing, eventually it got so violent that all of our stuff got knocked over and disconnected between every two riffs. We literally had to stop 6 times. We decided to try a really laid back Ronettes style song that we had never played live and only jammed once to chill people out. It turned out well and I just laid down and we jammed it forever as payback for all the violence. After the set the cops came by with nobody left in the place and no loud music they decided to turn their venom on us instead. I guess someone from the party had left a beer can on the roof of our van and they made Raf (who was completely sober) lay on the curb and touch his toes and say the alphabet backwards, follow a pen etc etc. They forced all of the band members from both bands to stay in the car. That was just the rush we needed to get the fuck out of Halifax. And we hit the road back to Montreal at 1am and drove all night.

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