Monday, October 5, 2009

Post-Pop MTL Pre-HPX Post-recording Pre-12" having

Above are some pics from the house party we played in Ottawa a few weeks ago. Since then we have finished recording our SUNGLASSES 12" for Divorce. And we played with Human Eye(who are the most amazing live band on the planet) & also a fun show at Friendship Cove (which was filmed in HD by Tyr and will surface soon). I saw The Butthole Surfers, The Intelligence, Chain + The Gang, Holy Cobras, Golden Triangle, Thee Oh Sees, Induced Labor and millions more. Such a solid inter-provincial crew has formed between the cheezies in TO + the Bruised TongueCobras crew in Ottawa and the extended PLC family in MTL. Things have never been tighter, better organized or as much fun as right now.

Perfect time to spread some of that around and hit the road. Quebec City had to bail (but we'll come back soon) and PEI is the works(?). But HFX is set and should be a huge blowout: Poster by Lisa Czech
Here is the Facebook event!

More stuff to post soon.

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