Monday, February 8, 2010

Loft party aftermath..

Haven't really been able to move or anything since the loft party a few weeks ago. Huge success. We had to shut the doors after the first 300 people showed up and everyone locked inside was beyond wasted. I don't usually drink before we play but at some point I remember smashing a bottle and slashing my chest repeatedly til I was covered in blood. I guess nerds who like Iggy Pop shouldn't get drunk before playing sets - this will not be a common occurrence. The whole night was great. An explosive Homocops set as usual. And they did some now legendary things in the VIP room which I won't get into. The Peelies were great too. They insisted all the members of all the bands shotgun coldshots before they started and they had a homemade grand trine teeshirt and junk. Definitely one of the most fun new bands in Montreal. Apparently while we played people were rushing to merch table covered in blood asking where the nearest hospital was. The whole night was insane. We'll definitely throw another party sometime in the next few months with another secret location.

Here are some videos that I found from the party:
hd but blown sound, spot yourself in the crowd:

bottle breaking, instrument breaking, very drunk vocals:

Z Fairbrother and Emily and I silk-screened some toxic vomit colored poster and shirts for the show as mentos (the gig poster was also blown up to 18ft if anyone noticed it hanging from the ceiling). We have a few left if anyone wants to buy the leftovers. Each one is different.

We should have them at the Blue Skies Anniversary show on Feb 27th @ Il Motore. It is our 7" release party and it's pay what you can/free.

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