Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st review of the EP - Montreal Mirror

Raf gets riffed. This is the first review of the new record. Maybe some other ones will start popping up before it sells out.


Grand Trine
Sunglasses EP (Divorce)

Full disclosure: Grand Trine features the Mirror’s own pipe-smokin’ Raf Katigbak, but truth be told, most of us just find the guy kinda, uh, creepy. That’s why it’s shocking that his band kicks so much booty. Five punk-fuggin’-rock ragers burned into God-lovin’ vinyl, with odd soul/skronk sax that blasts out of nowhere. The Stooges dirge of “Catatonic State” perfectly offsets the electronic psych treatment on “Love and Napalm,” while “Prescription Drugs” just straight-up blazes with punk rock supremacy. 8.5/10 Trial Track: “Prescription Drugs” (Johnson Cummins)

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