Sunday, May 31, 2009

Live review

Grand Trine says they're not a cult, but they spend 24 hours a day together enacting their band rituals, their singer's grown his hair long and makes films about serpents, their drum kit is covered in various symbols and runes, and they took the audience on an amazing psychedelic punk journey, so I'm not entirely certain about this claim.

It's been great to see so many people coming out for so many different events this weekend, and everyone involved with organizing the festival deserves a huge congratulations for putting it on (and pulling it off so well). Not to deride the Pop Explosion, but I had more fun this weekend, and I think a growing contingent of music fans are looking forward to this festival more.
- The Coast, Halifax, NS.

We ended up playing a secret show in a parking lot during the afternoon. Which was filmed from the roof so there might be some more of that popping up. It was our first time playing outside. Here are some photos:

Taken by Jackie one of the hosts. I took some snaps with a disposable camera I bought before leaving. I might post those when I get them back on Tuesday.

Holy Cobras won't be playing the show at Green Room on the 8th. So it's just us and Angels in America (Ecstatic Peace! NYC/MTL). Then we are leaving for NXNE soon after. We just found out we will be doing 12" 45RPM LP on Divorce for the end of the Summer. Details soon. We just had French Vice in our apartment and we let them smoke cigarettes indoors. "Could you please tell me how selling psychedelic mushrooms in your youth has impacted the development of your current drumming style?" ha ha. It's going to be translated into French.

I did a guest-host radio show in Halifax on CKDU FM while I was there. I didn't write down the tracks list but it includes: PiL, Gentlemen of Horror, Cold Sun, Mort Garson, Pig, The Ether, Roxy Music, Iggy Pop, The Godz, The Rentals. You can listen to it if you want to hear these jams.

I haven't been to work in 2 weeks. Ouch. I don't know what I will be eating for the next few weeks. Beans & Rice. Zaatars. Tuborg.

We don't have any more copies of the tape left. Although the label/Ottawa should have some copies left. We were really happy with the job Bruised Tongue did. Their label has put out such a slew of great releases lately. Pierre was in town for a minute yesterday and dropped of new tapes by Fucked Corpse (in denim sleeve) and Totally Ripped- who I didn't see in Halifax but we saw many sunrises with. Gonna jam both of those out now. You can listen to a new interview with the Bruised Tongue label here.

Here is that video I made last Winter using Grand Trine's SATURN as the soundtrack:

Totally dumb and I can't wait to make the next thing better. I really rushed this and I was just trying to prove I could chroma key.

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