Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alien8 re-release drops today! Plus some photos I took on tour.

Free All Psychic Centers serves as a scrap book style document of the Grand Trines initial home recordings in the six months leading up to their first live performance. Originally released as cassette by Montreal cassette-only label ‘Campaign For Infinity’, the release sold out of it’s first pressing in just three weeks. Presented now for the first time in Stereo by Alien8 Recordings, it is once again available for the public to enjoy.

Release date: June 02, 2009

Label: Alien8 Recordings


Also, you can now buy the separate tracks individually and stream the entire thing for free!

I just got some photos developed from the Tyvek/BlackFeelings/GrandTrine tour and I threw them all up (25 of them!) on the myspace but there are a few highlights above.

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