Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Shub is in India. I am in Halifax. Raf is in jail. Cabral is missing.
^Artwork for Sunglasses 12" on Divorce - Pre-Order very soon

So we've been hard at work. Looks like we will have the 12" and 7" out at the same time. We ended up re-mixing the CKUT sessions ourselves and added in some jamming we were doing at 4am at Rafs place. I had to work the next morning but it was fun. The results of our re-mixed CKUT session are a way way far out version of R.F.I.D. We are slowly just assembling what we need to D.I.Ourselves (again) and I am excited to get back to home recording. We are just going try to deck out the HQ in 2010.

We are throwing a huge party on January 29th. Originally it was going to be the album release (delayed) but we figure we don't need an excuse to throw a party. Location: Torn Curtain Loft Bands: Grand Trine, The Peelies, The Homosexual Cops Djs: Annie Q & Emily B. B: BYOB. More details coming soon.

I just heard the master of the Black Feelings/Grand Trine split 7". Sounds great. Color vinyl. MP3 download code included. 500 copies. Silkscreened artwork. Should be neat.

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